(Dates and headings in italics indicate assignments have not been finalized.)
    T 1/19 Introduction to the class
    Th 1/21

Hebrew Bible and New Testament

    T 1/26 Qur'an and Vedas
    Th 1/28 CLASS CANCELLED due to inclement weather
    T 2/2

Puranas and Pali Canon

    Th 2/4

Adam and Eve in Genesis and later exegesis

    T 2/9

Paul and Calvin on Adam and sin

    Th 2/11

Adam in the Qur'an and Ibn Kathir's commentary MEET IN NIELSEN 251 from today forward

    T 2/16 Karma and rebirth in Hindu texts
    Th 2/18

Karma and rebirth in early Buddhist texts

    T 2/23 The Lotus Sutra
    Th 2/25 ESSAY DUE / Discussion of papers
    T 3/2 The binding of Isaac
    Th 3/4 The Passover
    T 3/9

Huston Smith on Judaism 

    Th 3/11 Huston Smith on Christianity
    SPRING BREAK 3/13-3/21
    T 3/23


    Th 3/25 Jesus
    T 3/30 (Passover)

Huston Smith on Islam / Abraham's sacrifice (no need to read the other half of the readings we ended up covering this day; let's just move on)

    Th 4/1

The law of sacrifice

    T 4/6 Huston Smith on Hinduism
    Th 4/8 Vedic sacrifice and its interpretations
    T 4/13

Meditation in the Upanishads and Bhakti: the path of devotion

    Th 4/15 The Bhagavad Gita
    T 4/20 The Bhagavad Gita, continued
    Th 4/22

Huston Smith on Buddhism

    T 4/27 Meditation and nirvana in the Pali Canon
    Th 4/29 The Mahayana
    T 5/4

Buddhist anti-sacrifice and Huston Smith's project


Th 5/6

FINAL PAPER DUE / Concluding discussion and analysis of the class
Also, if you have not yet completed the online class evaluation at, please do so before midnight tonight!  Thank you; this is very helpful for me and for my future students.

T 5/11
4:30-6:30 pm

FINAL EXAM (in our usual classroom)