The collection of 114 chapters (suras) that constitute the final form of the revelations received by the Prophet Muhammad.

Qur'an means recitation, and the Qur'an is primarily regarded as an orally transmitted and performed text, though written copies are also valued, and are often produced in stunning calligraphic form. The Qur'an is recited following precise rules that amount to an art.

During the Prophet's lifetime individual revelations were apparently memorized, recited in worship, and sometimes written down. After the Prophet's death a written compilation of all the revelations was drawn up, and a definitive edition was produced at the direction of the caliph `Uthman (though this continued to be recited in a number of different versions, of which seven are now officially recognized.)

If you have not purchased a copy of the Qur'an for class, you can find several translations online.


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