(Dates and headings in italics indicate assignments have not been finalized.)
    M 8/18 Introduction to the class
    W 8/20 Self-introductions: perspectives and agendas

HUSTON SMITH -- Comparative religion -- Scriptures

    M 8/25 Hinduism
    W 8/27 Buddhism
    M 9/1 NO CLASS - Labor Day
    W 9/3 Islam
    M 9/8 Judaism
    W 9/10 Christianity
    M 9/15 Smith's approach
    W 9/17

Our responses

ELAINE PAGELS -- History of religions -- Doctrines
    M 9/22 The controversy over Christ's resurrection
    W 9/24 The politics of monotheism
    M 9/29 God the Father / God the Mother
    W 10/1 The persecution of Christians
    M 10/6 The "True Church"
    W 10/8 Gnosis
    M 10/13 Our responses
DAVID HABERMAN -- Ethnography -- Rituals
    W 10/15 Beginnings
    M 10/20 The twelve forests
    W 10/22 Hungry mountains and ponds of love
    M 10/27 Into the desert
    W 10/29 Playing around
    M 11/3 Surrender and return
    W 11/5 Our responses
NOAH FELDMAN -- Social analysis -- Institutions
    M 11/10 What went right?
    W 11/12 Decline and Fall
    M 11/17 The Rise of the New Islamic State
    W 11/19 Our responses
    M 11/24 NO CLASS - Instructor at American Academy of Religion conference
    M 12/1 Concluding discussion of individual statements
    W 12/3 Preparation for final exam and analysis of the class
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Tuesday 12/9
4:30-6:30 pm

FINAL EXAM (in our usual classroom)