(Dates in italics indicate assignments have not yet been finalized.)

  T 1/15 Introduction
  The Qur'an
    Th 1/17

Adam and the human condition

    Th 1/22 Prophets and scriptures
    Th 1/24 (class in my office) The Prophet Muhammad [WE WILL MEET IN MY OFFICE, Dale Hall Tower 805, around the corner from the Religious Studies office.]
  Biographies of the Prophet
    T 1/29 Muhammad in Mecca [MEET IN MY OFFICE AGAIN.]
    Th 1/31 Muhammad in Medina [MEET IN MY OFFICE until further notice.]
    T 2/5 An-Nawawi’s Forty Hadith
    Th 2/7 Cornell on faith and practice
    T 2/12

al-Bukhari's hadith on women at the mosque
al-Shafi`i's Risala

    Th 2/14 Kamali on Islamic law
    T 2/19 The Testament of Abu Hanifa
al-Ash`ari's Kitab al-Luma`
`Abd al-Jabbar's Sharh al-usul al-khamsa
    Th 2/21 Fakhry on Islamic Philosophy and Theology
    T 2/26 Nasir al-Din Qunawi, "The Rising Places of Faith."
    Th 2/28 Peter J. Awn, "Sufism."
    T 3/4



Th 3/6 (in Gould 103)

Pilgrimage (MEET BACK IN GOULD 103 for this day only, so that we can watch a short video)

  T 3/11 Wrapup and preparation for Midterm Exam (IN GOULD 103)
  T 3/13 Midterm Exam (IN GOULD 103)
  SPRING BREAK 3/15-23
Art and architecture
    T 3/25 Blair and Bloom on Art and Architecture (IN GOULD 103)
    Th 3/27 The Dome of the Rock (IN GOULD 103)
  Relations with the Christian West
    T 4/1 (in DAHT 805) al-Sulami's Kitab al-jihad (meet back in MY OFFICE, DAHT 805, until further notice)
  Th 4/3 A Muslim version of Psalm 2
Smith on Islam and Christendom
  Saturday 4/5, 8:30-5:30 Related conference:  Denouncing Violence in the Name of God: The Case of Islam.  At Oklahoma City University, put on by the followers of Fethullah Gulen, whom we will study in a week.  See the flyer handed out in class.  Directions:  take I-35 N, continue on I-235 N, exit at 23rd St. and turn left, follow 23rd St. to Classen and turn right, turn left on 27th St. and go to Florida Ave.  The conference is in the Freede Center, on the Southwest corner of 27th and Florida.  There is parking on the West side of the building, and also on the North side of 27th St.
    T 4/8 Sayyid Qutb, Milestones, Introduction and chapters 1-2
    Th 4/10 Sayyid Qutb, Milestones, chapters 3-4
Begin Esposito on Contemporary Islam
    T 4/15 Fethullah Gulen
    Th 4/17

Finish Esposito on Contemporary Islam

  Muslims in America
    T 4/22 Web sites of American Muslim organizations (IN GOULD 103)
    Th 4/24 Haddad on The Globalization of Islam (IN GOULD 103)
  Muslims in the Media
    T 4/29

YouTube presentations of Islam (IN GOULD 103)

    Th 5/1

Work on commentary outlines for final exam (IN GOULD 103)
Analysis of the class

  M 5/5  8:00-10:00 a.m. FINAL EXAM (IN GOULD 103)