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David R. Vishanoff, Associate Professor, Religious Studies Program, University of Oklahoma
731 Elm Ave., Robertson 146, Norman, OK  73019     (405) 325-1150    vishanoff at ou dot edu
Curriculum vitae

Book on Islamic Hermeneutics. My book The Formation of Islamic Hermeneutics: How Sunni Legal Theorists Imagined a Revealed Law is available from Eisenbraun's (344 pages, cloth, $46.00, ISBN 9780940490314). I have created a color timeline that maps out the individuals and movements studied in the book, on a continuum from those whose hermeneutic emphasizes the clarity of language to those who emphasize its ambiguity.

Draft essay on my approach to Islamic studies: Sacrificial Listening: Christians, Muslims, and the Secular University.

Course web sites. These sites include notes documenting each class discussion. Each site constitutes a record of the deliberations and conclusions of a particular group of students. Only the current or most recent iteration of each class is available online.

Translations of Islamic texts. Most of these translations are short excerpts from classical Islamic works, prepared on the spur of the moment for instructional use, and hence not really adequate for scholarly citation.  They are made available here as html and/or Microsoft Word files, for non-commercial personal or instructional use. 

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